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Kano Koze – Winnie Nwagi Lyrics

Intro Ooooooolwalero nsaba mukole pakingi (wuluulu…) Laavu tumuwe paking (ayi ayi) Mukole pakingi Owomukwano mumuwe pakingi   Chorus Kano kozze kanno kozze owomukwano, kano kozze Laavu njagala nkuwaane kano kozze Kano kozze nze ne Taata kamugambe ,kano kozze Leero njagala nkusuute, kano kozze Kano kozze kano kozze owomukwano ,kano kozze Laavu njagala nkuwaane, kano kozze […]

Is Trump Worried About The Electoral College Vote? - Spur Magazine
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Is Trump Worried About The Electoral College Vote?

Donald Trump has had a rough start since he became preisdent-elect, and with speculations flying around over the Electoral Collage vote coming in next week. Trump doesn’t seem to be that much bothered by the out come. 538 electors will be gathering on December-19th to cast their final votes. Do we expect to see a […]

Magistrate Orders Interpol To Arrest Wizkid - Spur Magazine
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Magistrate Orders Interpol To Arrest Wizkid

Reports coming in from our sources state that a Chief magistrate of the Buganda Court yesterday issued an arrest warrant for Nigerian star Wizkid. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun aka Wizkid is in hot soup as the angry chief magistrate ordered the International Police (Interpol) to arrest the superstar for obtaining money by false pretense as cited under […]

Munakampala - Ykee Benda Lyrics - Spur Magazine
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Munakampala – Ykee Benda Lyrics

Intro Yeh eh eh Kampala *2 Oh munakampala Nessim benda, Ykee Benda You know the (boy so tender)*2   Chorus Munakampala baibe wansanyalaza Munakampala baibe kankyakalanya Eyo entambula yo baibe enkolera nyo ahhh Entambula yo baibe enkolera nyo ahhh   Verse 1 E’kampala nze gy’ensibuka Gyenasanga on’omuwala Anyirira bitole eh eh Mutwe paka kubigere eh […]