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​Nokia 8 Images Leaked Online

“The King is back”. A catchy but very attractive phrase that has been used ever since the first Android powered Nokia phone was rumoured to be released last year. Being the first high-end smartphone from HMD global, the finish group making smartphones under the Nokia brand will be called Nokia 8. Known to accurately leak […]

Saudi Arabia Gets New Crown Prince - Spur Magazine

Saudi Arabia Gets New Crown Prince

King Salman of Saudi Arabia, has announced his son Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the Defence Minister and former deputy crown prince to replace his nephew Prince Mohammed Bin Nayet as the first Crown Prince to the throne. Mohammed Bin Salman, 31-years, will also become deputy prime minister while continuing his duties as defence minister. Prince […]

The Fall of the Toshiba Empire - Spur Magazine
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The Fall of the Toshiba Empire

The troubles of Toshiba started way back in 2006 when they went against their way to purchase Westinghouse a nuclear company. Five months after Toshiba acquired Westinghouse, an explosion erupted at the nuclear plant causing a huge financial and structural setback for the company. The company filed for US bankruptcy two weeks ago marking an […]