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Kilila – Ceaserous Lyrics

Intro Am your lover Internationale Yeah eh eeh [I just wanna tell you something] Let me handle ya   Verse I You’re fantastic You’re romantic gal You’re funny and too beautiful Onsika signal Can’t you see me Your love is rising now Can’t you see me body is calling you Hurry up, Me need emergency […]

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Bebe Cool Makes Collabo with Sauti Sol

Bebe Cool (Moses Ssali), a Ugandan reggae and dancehall artist started his career around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya before moving back here a few years later.                                                       Bebe Cool promised fans a new song at the beginning of every month. This month, it might be “Mbozi Za Malwa” a collabo with Kenya’s Sauti Sol and the […]

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Yes No – Feffe Bussi Lyrics

Intro [No] Yo [Yah] [No] Hahaha [Yah] Kano kavude wawanvu [No] Kavude eno mu Jah Live [Yah] Producer Feffe Bussi [No] Producer ye Kusaim [Yah]   Verse I Oli loser? [No] Oli  winner? [Yah] Watandika oyina? [No] Naye ate ofuna? [Yah] Oli musiru?  [No] Oli mujagujagu? [Yah] Wasoma nomalako? [No] Naye ate gwaliko [Yah] Oli […]