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Designated Survivor TV Series 2016 Review

Kiefer Sutherland is a big deal in Hollywood mostly for his famous role as Jack Bauer in the action packed series and movie “24” but this time he is the lead actor in a political drama “Designated Survivor” as Tom Kirkman. Tom Kirkman is the Secretary for Urban Development, who seems to be great at […]

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The Exorcist TV Series 2016 Review

Many have watched the movie “The Exorcist”, including some of the parts that followed in the franchise. They were great movies and if you are like me, then you love horrors or “scary movies” as they call them since they get the blood boiling. “The Exorcist” has been turned into a TV series airing on […]

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Ykee Benda ft Sheeba – Farmer Remix Lyrics

Farmer Remix might be just one of the best songs Sheeba has featured in this year, making her almost the undisputed queen of Uganda’s music scene in 2016! The lyrics are irresistible.   Farmer Remix Lyrics Intro Ykee benda Yoke Benda… Sheebah Pan de scene we are fire Nessim kkoona. Sheebah Say nze nimiro gwe […]