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Indonesian Cities Ban Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day was banned in some Indonesian cities Wednesday (Feb 14) as police rounded up amorous couples, giving the official kiss-off to a tradition which critics say does not deserve any love in the Muslim-majority nation. The prohibitions come amid concerns that traditionally tolerant Indonesia is taking a sharp fundamentalist turn, by pushing to make […]

Egypt Is Hunting Down Gay People Using Anal Exams - Spur Magazine
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Egypt Is Hunting Down Gay People Using Anal Exams

Egypt has taken its fight against homosexuality to another level as six Egyptian men were arrested on grounds of “promoting sexual deviancy” on social media earlier this Saturday. The six men in question will also be subjected to anal examinations before the beginning of the trial in October 1st according to Amnesty International. There have […]

Ways to Improve On Your Memory - Spur Magazine
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Ways to Improve On Your Memory

Memory is an essential part of the human brain and on several occasions, many have difficulty in remembering even the simplest of things. Having a bad memory can be attributed to a number of factors but doesn’t mean you can’t improve on it. Many face and find problems when it comes to remembering and maintaining […]

Sex Maybe The Answer to Job Satisfaction - Spur Magazine
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Sex Maybe The Answer to Job Satisfaction

Sex maybe the answer to improving job satisfaction according to a new study published in the Journal of Management last week. We’re not saying that you should go around banging all your co-workers, but what we actually mean is sex plays a major role in increasing the productivity within workers. The study, published in the […]

Smart Condom to Detect STI’s & Rate Sex Performance - Spur Magazine
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Smart Condom to Detect STI’s & Rate Sex Performance

A new i-Con Smart Condom developed by scientists is the world’s first ‘smart condom’ and will be hitting the market soon. The smart condom is said to be newest form of wearable technology and will be capable of rating a man’s sexual performance and detect STIs. The i-Con will provide a range of statistics, including […]

Live Cockroach Pulled from Woman's Skull - Spur Magazine
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Live Cockroach Pulled from Woman’s Skull

It is the stuff of nightmares — a cockroach crawls up your nose in the middle of the night, burrows in and drives you mad with scratching behind your eyes. But for one Indian woman, this horror story proved all too real. The 42-year-old had a painful crawling sensation behind her eyes when she woke […]

Most Common Rides In Ug - Spur Magazine
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The Most Common Rides In Uganda

By end of 2016, URA and the Uganda Ministry of Transport estimate Uganda to have more than 4 million cars with most of them concentrated in Kampala. There are too many rides on the streets today, but there are some you can never go an hour without seeing. They are so common you probably even […]