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Ways to Improve On Your Memory

Memory is an essential part of the human brain and on several occasions, many have difficulty in remembering even the simplest of things. Having a bad memory can be attributed to a number of factors but doesn’t mean you can’t improve on it. Many face and find problems when it comes to remembering and maintaining […]

Ugandan Kids Turning Blind - Spur Magazine
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Ugandan Kids Turning Blind

New reports have been presented that show about 18,000 children in Uganda are blind, according to recent research finding by the Sightsavers Uganda. According to New Vision, Dr Johnson Ngorok, the Country Director of Sightsavers gave a worrying report on Tuesday during  the closing ceremony of the Implementation of the ‘Seeing is Believing Child Eye […]

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Midlife Crisis: When Your Life Feels Fucked

Midlife crisis is described as a normal period during our lifespan where we transition from young to older adults. Midlife crisis happens to both men and women between the ages of 35 to 55. It is one of those majorly discussed issues that impact many people throughout their livelihood. Most except a few people manage […]