Trump Ditches Saudi Arabia Companies - Spur Magazine
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Trump Ditches Saudi Arabia Companies

Pressure is mounting on the new president elect as he is expected to describe changes to make to his business to avoid potential conflict of interest as US president. Corporate registrations in Delaware show Trump covering his tracks as he shut down his companies that appeared to be connected to a possible Saudi Arabia business […]

Nana Wins Ghana Election - Spur Magazine
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Nana Wins Ghana Election

On Friday, the electoral commission chair Charlotte Osei declared Nana Akufo Addo the new president of Ghana. This was after the presidential elections that were carried out on Wednesday. According to the electoral commission, Nana claimed the win after gathering 53.85% of the vote compared to closest competitor and outgoing president John Dramani Mahama’s 44.40%. […]

Kanyamunyu's Blood Samples Are Dirty - Spur Magazine
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Kanyamunyu’s Blood Samples Are Dirty

Kanyamunyu, his brothers and his Burundian girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari have been facing hot fire since the murder of Akena took place and now again in more hot soup has Kanyamunyu refuses to present blood samples. Since the shooting of Akena, a number of questions arose during the court hearing like why there was no victim’s […]

Sheebah and Nwagi Beefing Over Deal - Spur Magazine
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Sheebah and Nwagi Beefing Over Deal

The industries top divas look ready to lock horns and this time it’s going to be purely about business. We can’t deny that we didn’t see this coming as fans have long awaited this to happen and maybe even compared their music on many fronts. According to the red pepper, Sheebah Karungi might have messed […]