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Meaning of Kachima

Meaning of Kachima   Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Car-Chi-Ma akachima, kakima, enkima 1. A Luganda word that means monkey. It is popular in Uganda because of the song “Kachima” by Fik Fameica where he sings about the Kachima dance.   “Gano tuzina mazina g’akachima” – extracts from the lyrics meaning, we are doing the . . . Read more

Meaning of Omusama

Meaning of Omusama   Lugaflow, Slang / Pronunciation: O-moo-sir-ma Musama, Basama, Lusama 1. A Ugandan who is doing kyeyo/working abroad. It is a Lugaflow word to mean most of the Ugandans who go abroad for a while even if not for work and come back. Abasama became very popular because they used to . . . Read more

Meaning of Amerika ( America)

Meaning of Amerika   Lugaflow / Word Pronunciation: Ame-ri-ka omumerika, abamerika, ebimerika, ekimerica A country. America. Super power.   Example: Amerika y’ ensi esiinga.   Synonyms:    2. War monger.   Example: UPDF used abamerika  in Gulu.   Synonyms:    3. Land of opportunities.   Example:   If you want to . . . Read more


Meaning of Kyana   Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Ch-ya-na byana, kaana, gwaana 1. Someones lover.   Example: Is janet Yoweri’s kyana?!   Synonyms:  2. A babe   Example: That kyana has an ass.   Synonyms: 


Meaning of Amazzi   Lugaflow, Slang / Pronunciation: A-ma-zzi mazzi, ebizzi, 1. An insult that means shit, pupu or kadingo.   Example:  Olinga amazzi!   Synonyms:    2. Water. In Luganda it means water.   Example: Amazzi go malungi.   Synonyms:   


Meaning of Bouncer   Word/ Pronunciation: Bou-nce-er bouncers, ki bouncer, bi bouncer, bouncing 1. The security at a bar, club, office usually mugged and unarmed. The muscle to prevent kavuyo at a club.   Example: Casablanca has the worst bouncer.   Synonyms:    2. Being mugged or muscular.   Example: Kazoora . . . Read more

Mu Congo

Meaning of Mu Congo   Lugaflow/ Pronunciation: Mu-kon-go Omukongo, Abakongo 1. A Congolese person. A simple way of saying he/she is from Congo   Example: Bela is a mu congo. You can tell from they way she looks.   Synonyms: 


Meaning of Mongo   Lugaflow/ Pronunciation: Mo-ngo Mongolo, Emogole  1. An insult.  It means some one who is brain damaged or dumb.   Example: Why are you behaving like a mongo?   Synonyms:   


Meaning of Kabode   Lugaflow / Pronunciation: ka-bo-de babode, bode, kibode, bibode 1. Being strong or mugged.   Example: Nyakana has kabode.   Synonyms:   


Meaning of Katimbe   Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Ka-ti-mm-be Kulutimbe, Kitimbe 1. Internet.   Example: Allan ali katimbe.   Synonyms:    2. A social network.   Example: That babe is on katimbe.   Synonyms: