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Meaning of Okello   Names / Pronunciation: Oo-ke-lo 1. A common name for Northern or Eastern tribes people.   Example: Okello is tall and kind.   Synonyms:    2. A stereotype: Used when imitating most Northern security guards, soldiers and police men.   Example: Most security forces in Uganda have Okello’s.   Synonyms: 


Meaning of Yuda   Lugaflow, Name / Pronunciation: You-da Yudda 1. A betrayer. An unloyal person, a fox that disappoints others or stabs you in the back. It is got from the Luganda version of the name Judas.   Example:                                              Betty snitched on Kizza, she is such a yuda.   Synonyms:    2. . . . Read more


Meaning of Sevo   slang, Word / Pronunciation: Se-vo Deflected form for Museveni   1.  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. A short form derived from Ug’s current prezo. This is how most niggas call him.   Example: Sevo is very corrupt.   Synonyms: 


Meaning of Buddy   Slang / Pronunciation: ba-dee 1. Some one you consider as a friend.   Example: Henry is my buddy.   Synonyms:   


Meaning of Fabiola   Name, Slang / Pronunciation: Far-bee-yo-la 1. A very famous beautiful female celebrity in Uganda who has worked for NTV as a celebrity and now acts on NTV’s “Second Chance” who was popularised by her leaked nudes in social media and online news. She’s a renown socialite with . . . Read more


Meaning of Kla   Slang / Pronunciation: ki-la A short form for, “Kampala” a capital city of Uganda.   Example: Am going to Kla by taxi.       Synonyms: 


Meaning of Straka   Name / Pronunciation: stra-car 1. A fat or huge person. Its a stereo type way of calling someone fat. 2. It’s also a name to a once famous TV presenter, celebrity figure know for her being fat.   Example: That babe is a straka.   Synonyms: 


Meaning of Zari   Name / Pronunciation: za-lee   Not wet enough or just dry. A perverted term people use to mean someone who isn’t well lubricated under the hood (vagina). It’s also a name given to a person.   Example: That babe is so zari.   Synonyms: