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State House

Meaning of State House   Place / Pronunciation: Stay-T Ha-aw-ss 1. The official gwa of the prezo of Ug. The office and residence where the president of Uganda lives and works. There is one in Ebbs that was built by Iddi Amin where he stays now and the one in Nakasero.   2. . . . Read more


Meaning of Ebbs   Slang, Place / Pronunciation: E-bs 1. Entebbe. Lugaflow to mean the posh place South West of Kla, it is a district with the only International Airport in Ug, the dead zoo and the State House. It is also known for its large number of rich cribs.   Fun Facts: . . . Read more


Meaning of Kandahar   Word/ Pronunciation: Ka-dan-hka 1. A vagina. Also means pussy, emese or kitty in slang terms.   Example: John was hitting that kandahar all night.   Synonyms:    2. A city in Afghanistan. Formerly called Alexandria Arachosia.   Example: Am taking a flight to Kandahar tonight.   Synonyms: 

Mu Congo

Meaning of Mu Congo   Lugaflow/ Pronunciation: Mu-kon-go Omukongo, Abakongo 1. A Congolese person. A simple way of saying he/she is from Congo   Example: Bela is a mu congo. You can tell from they way she looks.   Synonyms: 


Meaning of Malaba   Places, Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Ma-la-ba 1. A place close to the border located in Busia between Ug and Kenya famous for URA customs, immigrations & imports.   Example: Am heading to Malaba to pick my stuff.     Synonyms:   


Meaning of Ham   Places, Word / Pronunciation: Ha-am 1. A building commonly known around Kampala for housing Tuskys Super market opposite MUK (Makerere University).   Example: Am heading to Ham to watch a movie.   Synonyms:    2. A rich guy who owns Ham and probably a Illuminati.   Example: Ham is Illuminati.   Synonyms: 


Meaning of Shauriyako   Word, Place / Pronunciation: Sha-wu-lya-ko 1. A building and place in down town Kampala.   Example: I am heading to Shauriyako to buy some hardware equipment.   Synonyms:     


Meaning of MUBS   Word, Abbreviation / Pronunciation: Moo-b-z 1. Makerere University Business School. A ka branch of MUK located in Nakawa that pretends to be independent. It is both a tertiary institution that offers diplomas and a university that offers degrees through MUK. MUBS is known mostly for its business courses which . . . Read more


Meaning of Lumbox   Place, Word / Pronunciation: Loom-boks Lumumba, Mary Stuart 1. Lumumba and Mary Stuart Halls combined. Lumumba is the hall for guys and Mary Stuart for babes in MUK, they were meant to complement each other and are close neibas. The whole area combined is called Lumbox.   Example: . . . Read more


Meaning of Crib   Slang, Words / Pronunciation: Cre-b   1. A house or a place where some one stays.   Example: Our crib is in Zana along Entebbe Road.   Synonyms: