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Meaning of Mukwano   Lugaflow, Place / Pronunciation: Moo-kwa-no omukwano, mikwano, bakwano, kikwano 1. Love or passion. The love you’ve for something or someone can be called “omukwano” or “mukwano”.   Example: Eh Deno, oyina Omukwano munji. …but Crystal you’ve too much mukwano for dancing!   Synonyms:    2. To make . . . Read more


Meaning of Kla   Slang / Pronunciation: ki-la A short form for, “Kampala” a capital city of Uganda.   Example: Am going to Kla by taxi.       Synonyms: 


Meaning of MUK   Abbreviation, Informal, Places / Pronunciation: mook 1. Abbreviation and usual informal reference to Makerere University Kampala located on Makerere Hill near Wandegeya and Nakulabye. MUK is one of Uganda’s oldest, best, most popular and prestigious universities. It has successfully produced several important graduates but it is also . . . Read more


Meaning of Zai   Place / Pronunciation: zhye Also known as: Zai Plaza A mall/building on Luwum street in Kampala housing several shops most popularly known for having many shops that sell cheap movies and series. Among popular shops there are Roshan Zone & Papa’s Corner.   Example: Why are you hustling? Go . . . Read more