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Meaning of Nyaru    Word, Runyaks / Pronunciation: Nya-ru 1. A Rwandese or Munyarwanda.   Example: That babe is a nyaru.   Synonyms:    2. A tall, beautiful, horny and water logged western babe.   Example: Pamela is a nyaru babe.   Synonyms: 


Meaning of Musheshe   Word / Pronunciation: Mu-she-she Basheshe, Omusheshe, Kasheshe   1. A babe from Western Uganda. The word “Musheshe” is adapted from Runyankore and is commonly used to mean someone who is a Westerner. Often some people characterise basheshe as weak, lazy, often rich due to dominance in most gov’t positions, waterlogged . . . Read more


Meaning of Mbwenu   Runyaks, Slang / Pronunciation: Mm-boo-wen-nu 1. Meanwhile… Mbwenu is an informal youth Runyankore word to mean “meanwhile” or “but you”.   Example: Mbwenu Cynthia, you said we were going swimming today but you dodged my calls.   Synonyms: