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Meaning of Kyeyo

Meaning of Kyeyo   Lugaflow/ Pronunciation: Kye-yo byeyo 1. Working abroad.   Example:                                              Many Ugandans are on kyeyo in the U.K.   Synonyms:  2. Small time ( short term) work/ projects.

Meaning of Okulya Obuwuka

Meaning of Okulya obuwuka   Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Oku-ly-a  Obu-wu-ka Balya obuwuka, bilya obuwuka, 1. Getting angry.   Example:                                              Ugandan Police balya obuwuka.   Synonyms: 

Meaning of Okusala Wire

Meaning of Okusala Wire   Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Oku-sa-la  Wi-re Basaze wire, musaze wire, gasaze wire 1. Getting pissed.   Example:                                              Youths of nowadays are so delicate basala wire.   Synonyms: 

Meaning of Wire

Meaning of Wire   Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Wi-re Wires, wired, wireing 1. A dick,a Penis   Example:                                              Ziggy dee has a large dick   Synonyms:    2. Kiboks or canes   Example: Naalya teachers have strong wires. Tom was wired until he cried by the headmaster. Synonyms: cane, mbooko,

Meaning of Mputu

Meaning of Mputu   Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Mpu-tu emputu 1. Headstrong,big headed. Someone who doesn’t do what they are told or doesn’t accept facts.   Example:                                              Ssejusa’s mputu put him in trouble as he didn’t follow proper resignation channels in the army.   Synonyms: 

Meaning of Mpaka

Meaning of Mpaka   Lugaflow, Word / Pronunciation: Mpa-ka empaka 1.The state of being persistent. Someone who uses force to do sometghhing or goes somewhere against all advice not to do so.   Example:                                              Besigye’s mpaka will make him go to town despite orders of the police.   Synonyms: 

Meaning of Nsudddeyo

Meaning of Nsuddeyo   Lugaflow, Word / Pronunciation: Nsu-dde-yyo. basuddeyo. musuddeyo, basuddeyo, osuddeyo 1. This is to leave or to go. Example:                                              Museveni asuddeyo to Entebbe. Synonyms: 

Meaning of Yataddeyo

Meaning of Yataddeyo Lugaflow / Pronunciation: Ya-ta-de-yo bataddeyo, otaddeyo, mutaddeyo 1. To leave or to go   Example:                                              Allan yataddeyo to his home.   Synonyms: 

Meaning of Malala

Meaning of Malala   Lugaflow, Word / Pronunciation: Ma-la-la amalala 1. Someone who shows off.   Example: Meddie Ssentongo has too much malala.   Synonyms:    2. A state of over excitment/annoying.   Example: That babe has a lot of malala it’s getting on my nerves.   3. Village excitement/ annoying/ . . . Read more


Meaning of Orange   Word/ Pronunciation: Oo-re-en-gi Africell, Mobile network 1. A mobile network. Now known as Africell in Uganda.   Example: Allan has been on Orange for four years.   Synonyms:    2. A fruit.   Example: An orange is sweet.   Synonyms:    3. A color.   Example: That babe has an orange skin color.   . . . Read more