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Meaning of Omusama

Meaning of Omusama


Lugaflow, Slang Pronunciation: O-moo-sir-ma

Musama, Basama, Lusama

1. A Ugandan who is doing kyeyo/working abroad. It is a Lugaflow word to mean most of the Ugandans who go abroad for a while even if not for work and come back.

Abasama became very popular because they used to come back towards the “Summer” period to spend money at home, defile the bar counters, pizza places, drive expensive cars, pretend to be better than everyone else and use weird accents in their English. They hate lining up, dust, local food, the sun, network down time as though they weren’t born here.

Abstract: The song Lusama by Sizzaman in 2016 disses them and might get the word known by even more people.



Eh Kikazi, I’m broke but kasta my Musama is coming back in August.



Ba Nkuba Kyeyo, Sangoma, Musubuzi, Mupakasi

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