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Juliana Kanyomozi Releases I’m Still Here Music Video

After more than two years, Uganda’s number one R&B diva, Juliana Kanyomozi is back and officially released the music video to her beautiful song, “I’m Still Here

The video is amazing and very clean produced by Candice and directed by Justin Campos in South Africa.

”I’m Still Here” is a song inspired by not only my life, but by a multitude of experiences and challenges in general as well as the human power to overcome and conquer the insurmountable! It’s a song for everyone, it’s a mirror for all of us”~ Juliana says.

As you listen to the song or watch the video you’ll realise how powerful the song is especially relating with women who are facing challenges in life like Juliana did, her coming back to show she is still able to sing and is better is great in itself and provides hope.


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She has faced scandals, the death of her only child and many other things. So don’t mise your MBs, load up and get to it!


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