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Airtel to Leave Uganda

In a shocking turn of events, our sources have alerted us upon the departure of Baharti Airtel from Uganda. This has come to be due to the poor performance of the Telecom company across all African markets. The affected countries include: Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Gabon, Chad, Ghana, Seychelles, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Congo, Nigeria. Airtel […]

Morgan Heritage Coming To Uganda - Spur Magazine
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Morgan Heritage Coming To Uganda

Morgan Heritage, the awesome Reggae band from Jamaica is set to perform in Kampala by April 13th, 2017 at Lugogo Cricket Oval and we totally filled in excitement. The Grammy Award winning Jamaican Reggae Band is known for its exciting music will happen during a Easter weekend. The multi award winning band of five sisters […]

Lusama Diktionary Sizzaman Spur Magazine

Lusama – Sizzaman Lyrics

Intro Wadelse, Nas beats Sizza, Zebra cross Verse I Last night nafunye omusama Mugamba tugende ku supper Koye lwaki tetujilya emisana [agambye atya?] Eh ok kale dear Asaba African tea, baleeta amatta [Agayaye] Koye, waiter sinatumya ku matta Asaba omlette amajji baleeta masiike Koye, oba bampe ku scrambled Tutuka ewaka yaka bamusazeko Adda ku balcony […]

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Bad Moms Movie Review: Crazy Moms Are Cool Moms

When I first watched this movie, all I could think about was maybe this is just one of those “comedies” with more drama and lame jokes but I was totally wrong. Bad Moms is awesome! That’s quite an understatement, it’s fun, crazy and excitingly worth watching. The movie is about three mothers who have had […]

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Deepwater Horizon 2016 Movie Review

Mark Wahlberg does not disappoint, he acted as Chief Electronics Technician Mike Williams, a crew member of the Deepwater Horizon drilling oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico. Deepwater Horizon is based on real life events where a BP (British Petroleum) funded oil rig had an accidental breakdown and explode d causing the biggest oil spill and […]

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Uganda Sugar Prices Increase

Sugar is one of the main necessities in life and just recently according to Daily Monitor there is a big time shortage which is causing prices to increase beyond normal. Uganda has produced 450,000 tonnes of sugar this year compared to the annual production of 500,000 tonnes. According to the chairpseron of Uganda Sugar Manufacturers […]