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Police Ban Bobi Wine from Performing at Concerts

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the Kyadondo East MP has been banned by the Uganda Police from performing at live music concerts. Police issued a warning to the ghetto president banning him from any live concert performances until investigations into his conduct at recent events are completed according to reports by Daily Monitor. The order was […]

Bobi Wine Wins Support from Top Ugandan Musicians - Spur Magazine

Bobi Wine Wins Support from Top Ugandan Musicians

Bobi Wine is having a good run in his race to parliament as he has gained a huge following and support from most of the top Ugandan musicians. Artists like Geosteady, Kalifah Aganaga, King Saha and Spice Diana among others have pledged support to the Ghetto President’s campaign quest to parliament. During Bobi’s second campaign […]

Bobi Wine Cries for His Busabala Beach - Spur Magazine
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Bobi Wine Cries for His Busabala Beach

Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was left in tears and anger on Friday as his beloved Busabala One Love Beach developments were demolished due to a local land dispute. The ghetto president was deeply saddened by the act as part of his developments at the Busabala beach were brought down by authorities. According to Kibiri […]

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Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool New Beef Over Dizzy Nuts

Lugambo on the streets is that Bebe Cool has snatched Firebase’s Dizzy Nuts Ggaliwango, once famed Ragga and Dance artist. Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have been beefing for longer than can be remembered although Bobi wine claims that the two just don’t agree on some essential points and that’s why the Ghetto President doesn’t connect with […]

Ghetto President, Bobi Wine Gives Ug Cranes Shs5M - Spur Magazine
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Ghetto President, Bobi Wine Gives Ug Cranes Shs5M

Bobi Wine, a Ugandan music artist has given five million shillings to the Uganda Cranes football club to kick off the ECO Bank/FUFA fundraising drive, “Tulumbe AFCON Nakajja” at ECO Bank head office in Kampala. In light of the fundraising drive, Bobi called upon the community to support the Cranes team as they approach the Africa […]