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Nutty Neithan Dropping New Album

Wamawungo Nathan aka Nutty Neithan is soon revealing his new dancehall album at the end of this month titled, “World War 3”. According to reports, the album will have 16 tracks and he will be the one producing them. The album is said to have songs such as Nkulowoza, Emu Temala,Guvugirawa, Owomesa Endongo, Two By […]

Juliana Copies Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce in Im Still Here Video - Spur Magazine Website
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Juliana Copies Jennifer Lopez & Beyonce in New Video

Juliana Kanyomozi released her video for a spanking new track, “I’m Still Here“ yesterday March, 30th and we watched it but we noticed a few relations to Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce’s music videos just like many did. The song is great with the video shot in South Africa that it immediately ranked up to the […]

Kiss Daniel and Sugar Boy steal song - Spur Magazine
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Sugarboy and Kiss Daniel Pointed Out as Thieves

G-Worldwide acts, Kiss Daniel and Sugarboy, have been called out on social media by the record label, The Silent Music Company for alleged song theft. According to the label, their new song from the acts, Kilamity, belongs to an artiste under their label called Barz.   In the Mood for some music? Rhyme to Eva […]

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Yes No – Feffe Bussi Lyrics

Intro [No] Yo [Yah] [No] Hahaha [Yah] Kano kavude wawanvu [No] Kavude eno mu Jah Live [Yah] Producer Feffe Bussi [No] Producer ye Kusaim [Yah]   Verse I Oli loser? [No] Oli  winner? [Yah] Watandika oyina? [No] Naye ate ofuna? [Yah] Oli musiru?  [No] Oli mujagujagu? [Yah] Wasoma nomalako? [No] Naye ate gwaliko [Yah] Oli […]

cindy sanyu namibian music awards 2017 - spur magazine
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Cindy Recognized In the Namibian Awards

The Ayokyayakya hit maker, ever since she signed to Grandpa Records has had her music career move to another level. The dancehall diva has been nominated in the Namibian annual awards. Her song, “Samo Dat” which features the Namibian artist Oteya is listed under the best collaboration category. Cindy came out and thanked Hassan Bahemuka […]

Chameleone & Bebe Fighting for Morgan Heritage Concert - Spur Magazine
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Chameleone & Bebe Fighting for Morgan Heritage Concert

The Morgan Heritage show is soon hitting Kampala streets but word on the street is that Bebe Cool & Jose Chameleone are both scrambling for the gig and want to be curtain raisers at the concert. As always, various artists are ready to mash up the fans though there are very few slots for them.   […]