Pastor Kakande Imports Ride Lexus LX 570 2017 - Spur Magazine
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Pastor Kakande’s New Ride: Lexus 2017

Pastor Kakande imported a brand new black Toyota Lexus which is worth more than shs 600 million. Social Media immediately blew out because it came just a few days after he had sold “Holy Rice” to his congregations at his Synagogue Ministries church for shs 50,000 per kilo. Several pictures made rounds of the car […]

Bad Black: "I Am Now Saved & Free of Satan" - Spur Magazine

Bad Black: “I Am Now Saved & Free of Satan”

City socialite Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black aka Snail Baby confirms that she is totally done with the of earthly desires and has decided to turn to God. Bad Black is finally transitioning to becoming a factual born again since she decided to commit her life to Jesus Christ our savior. It was reported that […]