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Is Mega Standard Driving Out Nakumatt In Uganda?

Early this year and much of  2016, Nakumatt has steadily and effectively closed down most of its branches within Uganda to remain with less than two. The once booming franchise is in its last days of survival with the few remaining branches no longer replenishing stock which is a clear sign it might soon sign out […]

Empty Nakumatt Uganda Shelves - Spur Magazine
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Nakumatt Supermarket Might Close in Uganda

Nakumatt Supermarket which was growing to be almost the biggest supermarket in Uganda with several branches in Kampala and some in other districts like Gulu and Mbarara might leave soon. It had grown so powerful, it bought off several branches from Quality Supermarket and Shoprite so as to expand. Last year, several reports circulated around […]

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Selena Gomez Could Be Pregnant for The Weeknd

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have only been dating for weeks now but it has been reported that the two are having jitters of a probable pregnancy and a looming wedding. Pics floating around of the new couple seem to show that Selena Gomez is crazy about The Weekend and she keeps telling pals that […]

Ugandan Kids Turning Blind - Spur Magazine
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Ugandan Kids Turning Blind

New reports have been presented that show about 18,000 children in Uganda are blind, according to recent research finding by the Sightsavers Uganda. According to New Vision, Dr Johnson Ngorok, the Country Director of Sightsavers gave a worrying report on Tuesday during  the closing ceremony of the Implementation of the ‘Seeing is Believing Child Eye […]