Slayers Excited as Apple Confirms Buying Shazam - Spur Magazine
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Slayers Excited as Apple Confirms Buying Shazam

Apple has confirmed that it will be acquiring the popular London based music recognition service Shazam. The startup was previously valued at $1 billion but has only managed to make $54 million in revenue. Although Apple has not disclosed the official cost of the acquisition, many sources have claimed that it is around $400 million. This […]

Intel Rolls Out 8th Gen Processors - Spur Magazine

Intel Rolls Out 8th Gen Processors

Intel Announced on Monday the roll out of its 8th Gen Intel Core processors for a range of mobile processors designed for thin and light Notebooks and 2-in-1s. Intel’s 8th Gen Core processors’ first wave of powered devices featuring i5/i7 processors will come to market beginning September. Built for smooth 4K video streaming and Virtual […]

Microsoft Acquires Cycle Computing - Spur Magazine

Microsoft Acquires Cycle Computing

On Monday, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Cycle Computing in a bid to make it easier for Azure customers to use High Performance Computing (HPC) and other big computing capabilities in the cloud. Microsoft can now leverage its expertise in extending and migrating Linux and Windows based HPC jobs to the cloud given Azure has […]

Sky Code Develops App to Promote Ugandan Tourism - Spur Magazine
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Sky Code Develops App to Promote Ugandan Tourism

Sky Code, a Ugandan software developer company in partnership with the Kampala Capital City launched a mobile app focused on promoting tourism. The mobile app will act as an online portal that offers information and guidance to people about interesting historical spots around the city. The app has more features like map navigation and also […]

Remix OS Comes to an End - Spur Magazine

Remix OS Comes to an End

Remix OS, the Android operating system for the desktop, has decided to discontinue all its current offerings to the consumers. Jide, the makers of Remix OS, have said that they’re planning to explore possibilities in the enterprises. They’ve also promised to issue the refund to all the Kickstarter backers. In an announcement made on Facebook, […]

​Nokia 8 Images Leaked Online - Spur Magazine
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​Nokia 8 Images Leaked Online

“The King is back”. A catchy but very attractive phrase that has been used ever since the first Android powered Nokia phone was rumoured to be released last year. Being the first high-end smartphone from HMD global, the finish group making smartphones under the Nokia brand will be called Nokia 8. Known to accurately leak […]

Elon Musk: AI Possess a Big Risk to Society - Spur Magazine
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Elon Musk: AI Possess a Big Risk to Society

Elon Musk, the Tesla & SpaceX CEO strongly warned against the risk of artificial intelligence to society on Saturday, while speaking to state leaders at the National Governors Association. Elon stressed his point out on artificial intelligence and considered it as the “biggest risk that we face as a civilization“. The topic came up during […]