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The #PairOfButtocks Twitter Trend in Uganda

The #PairOfButtocks hashtag is trending like crazy in Uganda and has spread on beyond borders since Reuters and BBC Africa has already picked it up. It is both a form of activism and as well a hilarious way for tweeps to cope with the sad state of affairs after Dr. Stella Nyanzi, a medical anthropologist […]

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Juliana Copies Jennifer Lopez & Beyonce in New Video

Juliana Kanyomozi released her video for a spanking new track, “I’m Still Here“ yesterday March, 30th and we watched it but we noticed a few relations to Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce’s music videos just like many did. The song is great with the video shot in South Africa that it immediately ranked up to the […]

Erias Lukwago Kampala Mayor Ban Bodabodas - Spur Magazine
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Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago To Regulate Bodaboda Industry

Erias Lukwago, the Kampala Lord Mayor announced last week that he plans to pass a law regulating bodaboda operations in the city mainly to reduce the murders blamed on less regulated industry. He further said that Boda riders are believed to commit several of the high crimes reported in the city just like the brutal murder […]

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Yes No – Feffe Bussi Lyrics

Intro [No] Yo [Yah] [No] Hahaha [Yah] Kano kavude wawanvu [No] Kavude eno mu Jah Live [Yah] Producer Feffe Bussi [No] Producer ye Kusaim [Yah]   Verse I Oli loser? [No] Oli  winner? [Yah] Watandika oyina? [No] Naye ate ofuna? [Yah] Oli musiru?  [No] Oli mujagujagu? [Yah] Wasoma nomalako? [No] Naye ate gwaliko [Yah] Oli […]

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Club Pilsner Laced With Poison

Friday evening bore bad news in Kampala and the broader Ugandan community. Latest hot news is that several people who downed a couple of beers belonging to Nile Breweries ended up poisoned. This is believed to be the vendetta of a disgruntled worker at Nile Breweries which brews Club Pilsner. He contaminated a whooping 2.45 […]

Trevor Noah Comes to Uganda Twitter Trend - Spur Magazine
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Ugandans Vibe Trevor Into #TrevorNoahVisitsUganda

If you are not in the 5% of Ugandans on Twitter, then you probably missed it. Trevor Noah, the famous South African comedian and host to the American “Daily Show” publicly rejected us on social media. Excited tweeps were getting chatty about Trevor Noah coming to Uganda after an article by Matooke Republic yesterday. He […]

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Cindy Recognized In the Namibian Awards

The Ayokyayakya hit maker, ever since she signed to Grandpa Records has had her music career move to another level. The dancehall diva has been nominated in the Namibian annual awards. Her song, “Samo Dat” which features the Namibian artist Oteya is listed under the best collaboration category. Cindy came out and thanked Hassan Bahemuka […]

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IGP Kale Kayihura Confirmed Mafia in Army & Police

There is no error in what you just read, Besigye recently said there is a Mafia State in Uganda after AIGP Andrew Kaweesi was brutally gunned down outside his home in broad day light but so did IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura.   “There is a mafia state killing men of honor and Ugandans should be afraid, […]

Andrew Kaweesi killers arrested running to Congo - Spur Magazine

Two Suspects Arrested Near Congo For Kaweesi Murder

IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura yesterday at the late Kaweesi’s burial said that security officials arrested two of the suspected assassins that gunned down the AIGP just outside his home in Kulambiro. The two men were caught before they made their escape at the Congo border. They are currently being held for interrogation by the Uganda […]