Pastor Kakande On the Run - Spur Magazine

Pastor Kakande On the Run

The infamous pastor Kakande is amiss, where could he have disappeared to? The mist fogged up our windows with some deets, apparently the man of God has been to no good lately from conning money from his congregation with fake heals and summons to enslaving labourers to plant his “holy rice”. He probably pissed off the […]

Chameleone & Daniella Relationship Hanging by the Thread - Spur Magazine

Chameleone & Daniella Relationship Hits Rock Bottom

Jose Chameleone and his wife, Daniella are going through a rough patch with word on the street pointing at a possible breakup. Chameleone left most of his fans in shock early Wednesday when he posted on social media that he had broken up with Daniella but later he revealed it was all just a misunderstanding. […]

Chameleone Rocks Australia - Spur Magazine
Lugambo Music

Chameleone Rocks Australia

Jose Chameleone is taking his music career to another level as he has kicked off his music tour in Australia where many his fans are joyed to see him perform. Chameleone started his Australia tour in Melbourne on Friday and then headed to Perth on Saturday night. According to our sources, the star has put on […]

Father Lokodo Wants Angela Kalule Arrested - Spur Magazine

Father Lokodo Wants Angela Kalule Arrested

Hon. Fr Simon Lokodo, State Minister of Ethics and Integrity, has vowed to take serious action against singer, Angela Kalule, over her leaked private video. Lokodo made it clear that he wouldn’t tolerate music artists that use sex videos or nudes as a stunt of getting back on the media scene. “It seems it has […]

The Meaning behind Sheebah’s New Tattoo - Spur Magazine

The Meaning behind Sheebah’s New Tattoo

Sheebah Karungi just got a new tattoo and everybody is buzzing about it. Others are wondering about the meaning of the suspicious tattoo. Queen Sheebah, the TNS (Team No Sleep) star has had a fetish for the word, “Karma” for a while and now has got a tattoo based on the same word. Read: Makerere University: […]

Jose Chameleone to Retire from Music - Spur Magazine

Jose Chameleone to Retire from Music

Joseph Mayanga aka Jose Chameleone, one of Uganda’s leading top music artists has dared to retire if his upcoming concert flops. Chameleone has been working really hard recently and based on reports gathered by our sources, he is gearing up for his concert titled, ‘Legend’ which is happening on the 30th June this year. The […]