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Chameleone Rocks Australia

Jose Chameleone is taking his music career to another level as he has kicked off his music tour in Australia where many his fans are joyed to see him perform. Chameleone started his Australia tour in Melbourne on Friday and then headed to Perth on Saturday night. According to our sources, the star has put on […]

Amanya Gange Latinum Lyrics - Spur Magazine

Amanya Gange – Latinum Lyrics

INTRO Elgon Mmm [Mxxm] Tough (Ohh!) Game Park (TON) Yo Boy   CHORUS Amanya gange me Latinum (Me Latinum) We see you Babylon I’m immortal [We’re mortal] Gimpe mbeye mbe ndi mukyamu (Ndi mukyamu) Kampala miyiyo ffe tubaamu (Ffe tubaamu)   VERSE I Nakula mature lyrically me killer The DJ deya know me dancehall cure […]

Jose Chameleone to Retire from Music - Spur Magazine

Jose Chameleone to Retire from Music

Joseph Mayanga aka Jose Chameleone, one of Uganda’s leading top music artists has dared to retire if his upcoming concert flops. Chameleone has been working really hard recently and based on reports gathered by our sources, he is gearing up for his concert titled, ‘Legend’ which is happening on the 30th June this year. The […]