WOUNDS Official Trailer (2019) Dakota Johnson.
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‘Wounds’ Trailer Takes Internet By Storm

Horror movies are getting quite interesting these days with mind blowing plot twists, story telling and not forgetting some good character development. Now Hulu brings to life another original entry to the mix called, ‘Wounds’. The Wounds trailer stars amazing actors like Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson who return to the big screen in this […]

Series Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Spurzine

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Must Watch Horror Series

Movies You Should Watch Before the 2018 Ends | Spurzine

Movies You Should Watch Before 2018 Ends


Having Sex On Mars Posses High Risks | Spurzine
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Having Sex On Mars Poses High Risks

The idea of a colony of humans on Mars isn’t just science fiction anymore; NASA and space agencies around the world, along with independent scientists and researchers, are working hard to determine just what it would take for humanity to take root on the Red Planet. Getting there will be an immense challenge, as will […]

Herpes: A Growing Concern Among Campus Students | Spurzine

Herpes: A Growing Concern Among Campus Students

Gnuts Boost Sperm - Spurzine

Eating Gnuts Daily Boosts Sperm Count and Quality

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Prince Omar and Skales release their Bikini song.
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Bikini – Prince Omar Ft. Skales Lyrics

Intro It’s okay Mr. Skales on a mission [Andre on the beat] Prince Omar! Verse I [Prince Omar] Come one, mujje mwena Tell ‘em di girl ‘em to come and enjoy Bend over now, control it now Show me whatever style baby bend over [Uh!] Ono DJ ng’amanyi [Uh!] Bino ebiwala nabyo bimanyi [Eh!] Break […]

Check out Recho Rey's Cheating song lyrics.
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Cheating – Recho Rey Lyrics

INTRO Invader! [St. Andrew Music] Recho Rey [Yo!] Its your bad girl fly [Yeah!]   VERSE I It’s a weekend Time ya kubejjuka na boyfriend Twambale tutimbe move munda ky’endi Tetuli bulijjo tuli different [Yeah] Tuyingira ekibbaala nga tuvimba Nga tunyumye ffe twesazze ebikumba Tuba tugenze kukuba mu bbimba Abagikutte nga olwo tugula emizinga Binyuma […]

Sikyo Kapa Cat lyrics.

Sikyo – Kapa Cat Lyrics

Intro: Hello! Felix Pro, sikyo? [Kyekyo] Oli Ku Acton, Sikyo? [Kyekyo] Kapa ejje, sikyo? [Kyekyo] [Yeah Baby (TAF)]   Chorus: Omusajja ayogela enyo tabela na sente, sikyo? [Kyekyo] Mbalaba muli banji, sikyo? [Kyekyo] Muyiya mbela, sikyo? [Kyekyo] Omukazi nga omukoye, jjamu password, sikyo? [Kyekyo] Ekilo kuba ku kaaba, sikyo? [Kyekyo] Kumakya nabitika, sikyo? [Kyekyo]   […]

What does Wamlambez Mean | Spurzine
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What Does Wamlambez Mean?

Ba pipo nkomyewo, kati many people were asking me what the word “Wamlambez” means from the popular Kenyan urban hiphop song by The Sailors and also the catchy parts from the chorus, “drinks na mayenx” and “wamnyonyez”. As always ka mba tabire! Especially you all who have been going around chanting “wamlambez,wamnyonyez” nio nio, first […]

Omusheshe - Spice Diana and Ray G Lyrics | Spurzine

Omushese – Spice Diana ft. Ray G Lyrics

Intro [Ray G]: Nampa rukundo atekire Amaju Ahamutima akankwataho nka tattoo [Ray G] Antutura tu tutu [spice Diana] [Spice Diana]: Omukwano gw’omusheshe gwa nkutte Ne gu nkutula omutima alali Atte oba ndi ku kagali, omutima nsota nga kagali [Sabula]   Hook [Spice Diana]: He give me love in abundance, a full bucket of roses Ampereza […]

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