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Russian Reality Show to Allow Murder & Rape

We watched movies like Gerard Butler’s ‘’The Gamer’’ and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ‘’The Condemned’’. Randy Orton’s Condemned 2 sucked, but you get the idea. Russia is taking the lead and making these movies real. The Russian reality show ‘’The Game 2: Winter’’ will send 30 contestants into the -40°F cold Siberian Wilderness which is […]

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Kano Koze – Winnie Nwagi Lyrics

Intro Ooooooolwalero nsaba mukole pakingi (wuluulu…) Laavu tumuwe paking (ayi ayi) Mukole pakingi Owomukwano mumuwe pakingi   Chorus Kano kozze kanno kozze owomukwano, kano kozze Laavu njagala nkuwaane kano kozze Kano kozze nze ne Taata kamugambe ,kano kozze Leero njagala nkusuute, kano kozze Kano kozze kano kozze owomukwano ,kano kozze Laavu njagala nkuwaane, kano kozze […]