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Fik Fameica Reveals New Video for Born to Win Hit

Walukagga Shafik also known as Fik Fameica released a new video for his recent dancehall track, ‘Born to Win’ yesterday.

The Born to Win song was produced by Kaysam Kumapesa and has been hitting a few days now. The Ug rapper is on fire and has had famous hits like My Property and Skonto trending on charts for a while now.

Fameica seems to be on some red bull swag because the way he is releasing track after track, we don’t think he is giving up anytime soon yet.

Fik Fameica is a Ugandan Hip-Hop artist under the label Karma Iven and has so far released one album titled ‘Kutama’.

The rising rap star is also behind a good number of hit bangers like ‘Gwe Abisobola’, ‘Kachima’ and ‘Byenyenya’.

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