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Nyongera – Maurice Kirya and Vampino Lyrics

Verse I


Maurice Kirya

It’s the thing that you do with your eyes, that keeps me coming back

It’s the thing that you do with your mouth in the middle of the night when you’re calling my name

It’s the thing that you do with your body that makes me just go crazy

Been all over the world but I swear I never had no one like you.





I lose all my self-control, everytime when you come around

I lose all my self-control, when you’re spinning that body around.





Nyongera nsaba nyongeza, jjawo ebyo eby’okwekoza

Onyumirwa nange nyumirwa, jjawo ebyo eby’okwekoza

Uuh Uuh *whistle*

(Vampino) Gimme gimme more dat

Uuh Uuh *whistle*

(Vampino) Gimme gimme more dat

Uuh Uuh *whistle*

(Vampino) Gimme gimme more dat


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Verse II



Nze mbeera eno gyendi, nsiiba ntudde nga nswamye baby wange

Walidda nemulaba, ngamba baby wange

Nze mbeera eno gyendi, nfune airtime nkubire baby wange Heh

Gwatakwata wabaki gwe, ngamba baby wange

Ngamba heart is burning, tis say me heart is cracking

When me sing, know me heart is yearning

Gal come and make me feel fine again.




Verse III



More dat, that’s what me ask for

I never meant to break you

When more dat, that’s why me suffer

I want you back now gal, I really never meant to act that way

I need you bad bad gal, I really never meant to cross that lane

Now me working to get your love

Working so hard me nuh even get sleep

Now gyal I really wonder, why now you nuh want me.









That’s love now….

Your love is the cure ting now…

Yah Yah Yah…


Lah Lah Lah…

More dat…Gal…Twongele

We Out!

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