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The “Matrix” Movies Might Get a Reboot

The “Matrix” Trilogy was epic, introducing so many effects and so much sci-fi we literally had a jaw drop and not to forget it shaped Keanu Reeves after Neo. Now it is probably getting a reboot.

This might be both good and bad news, Warner Bros according to THR is thinking about rebooting the movies since everybody else is “rebooting” today. From Jungle Book, Tarzan, Bay Watch, Beauty and the Beast to Jumanji.

So why not bring back the bullet dodging, martial arts, the machines, Agent Smith and other great marvels from the Wachowski brothers.


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Speaking of whom the brothers won’t take part in the reboot, they made it clear they had no interest for now and Keanu Reeves also stated that he wouldn’t take part if the new movies aren’t written and directed by the Wachowski’s.

The new movies might be written by Zak Penn and produced by Joel Silver.

While we wait on Warner Bros to make up their minds, we might as well look forward to more John Wick!

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