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The Vampire Diaries Reached a Final Emotional End

The Vampire Diaries has had a long successful road of more than eight seasons, and last year it was decided season eight would be its last season.

The vampire series originally inspired by the Twilight movies was first aired in 2009 and finally came to an emotional last season with its season eight finale on March 10, 2017.

Many people had given up on the series because it had a lot of whining, crying, drama, moving in circles, endless story twists and losing plot but it caught up after around the sixth season.

Stefan fell in love with Caroline in some bits of the seasons, Alaric came back and had kids, then he also moved in with Caroline. The Salvatore’s mother and a bunch of heretic witches took over town and so much more.

Sometimes it would even get more exciting that The Originals.

So what happened in the The Vampire Diaries Season 8 finale (Episode 16) last night?

I will try to fill you in without putting out too many spoilers.

A LOT. Some people many fans love so much died and some people came back to life (as usual). From the looks of it the internet bled with tears and some hopeful joy, a mixture of feelings.

There was so much badassery from Bonnie, Damon and Vicki; Matt was clumsy as ever; Alaric was running around like he does lately and Klaus turns up somewhere.

If you are not one for sad twisted stuff, you should probably not watch this one but if you’re a true fan and want to seal things off, it is worth it.

There is a mention of a catchup again some time, meaning there might be a spin off or some people will probably end up in “The Originals”.

When we get more info we will let you know. For now stay bemused that Paul Wesley (Stefan) was dating Phoebe Tonkins (Hayley) till they broke up recently and whispers suggest Paul is now dating Nina Dobrev (Elena). Who knew?

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