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Andrew Mugerwa Blasts B2C

Andrew Mugerwa, famously known as Andy Events and former manager to B2C recently gave his opinion on the trios current status as musicians in the Ugandan music industry.

According to Mugerwa, B2C has lost its fire and has gone off track since they parted ways. He further goes to say that he had laid a good foundation for them but now they are beginning to crumble.

“According to the foundation I gave them, I saw they could go places but, the weaknesses I am seeing, they are falling off. Because this industry is very tricky,” he says.

According to reports by Kampala Sun, Andy further added that when he managed B2C, he selected the kind of music they released, discussed ideas with them while picking and dropping some based on his research of the market. He believes the trio’s biggest problem right now is poor decision making given that they are three heads plus a manager.

Andy and B2C parted ways back in 2018 due to certain inner disagreements. They also went to court to battle over the group name after it was revealed that the previous manager had registered the patent of the music group under his company which caused a lot of issues.

However, with the recent comments made by Andy, it clearly shows that the two parties haven’t reconciled their differences yet and he is still hurt by their separation since last year.

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