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Madonna Spends $5M Just To Be Part Of Billboard Performance

Madonna’s performance at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards comes with a hefty price tag. TMZ reported on Monday that Madge’s ambitious performance — which is set to include holograms and CGI — will cost $5 million.

The performance is so important to Madonna that she’s paying the cost herself with no financial help from the show’s executives. Madge’s live performance from Las Vegas’ MGM Grand is scheduled to last seven minutes, an eternity by awards show standards.

One thing is for certain: Madonna isn’t mailing in this performance, as she’s been rehearsing constantly. On Sunday, the Queen of Pop tweeted a video from backstage from rehearsals that showed her playing with gloves, a whip, an umbrella and other things. A voice in the background can be heard asking if she wants to take her shoes off.

She captioned the video by writing, “Madame X Wants her feet to hurt………She knows that pain is beauty!” A separate post said, “Madame X Has something special for you!!”

Madonna’s performance on Wednesday comes fresh after releasing her song “Medellín” with Colombian superstar Maluma. Madge, by the way, will drop her new album, “Madame X,” on June 14.

Source: MSN

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