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Muhoozi’s Wild Nights Exposed

Apparently, a source from Special Forces Command is talking about what really went down on  Muhoozi’s reshuffle and it is nasty. Over the years, the first son has picked up a couple of bad habits that were starting to affect his dad’s security.

Muhoozi has been a great customer at a bar called Route 256 at Lugogo who had grown accustomed to spending nights there. He was used to buying expensive whisky over there.

After nights of heavy drinking Muhoozi would black out which affected his work performance and at one point Museveni looked for Muhoozi for 2 days and he was dead asleep. On top of that he was a very extravagant lad who had rented over 10 houses in Kampala where he would take women for boner issues of course.

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Muhoozi’s polygamous behavior has been all over town as he was at different occasions been seen with NTV’s Sheila Nduhukire at awkward hours of the night let’s not forget his involvement with Ken Lukyamuzi’s daughter Susan Nampijja.

Muhoozi is also rumored to be going out with former WBS worker Karitas Karisimbi who he apparently takes care of and the 2 twins she gave birth to in 2010.

Muhoozi is also blamed for the use of SFC funds that he spent on his women and known to have taken many women on the many occasions when he would go for operations to Somalia.

All this had started to pose as a security threat to the president and first family since SFC is in charge of their security that he formerly commanded.

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