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Otile Brown: I Dumped Vera Sidika for Aborting My Baby

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika a while back had a bad break up that ended up with both love birds attacking each other on social media which turned nasty with lots of insults.

At that time, Otile had decided to remain silent about the cause of the breakup, but now the news is finally out in public.

Otile took it to another level when he decided to do a post break up song that reveals the secrets behind his recently ended relationship and one thing that stood out was that he talked about his child being aborted by his ex, Sidika.

The song is supposed to be his answer to the question as to why he dumped Vera and goes ahead to call her out for pretending that she didn’t know why he walked out on her.

It looks like this action really hurt Otile Brown since he was ready to become a father. In the last verse he mentions the love he had towards the lady unlike what she wrote on her Instagram saying he never loved her.

We have seen bad break ups in the recent years, but Otile has definitely made a mark with this one.

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Watch Otile Brown’s Naicheni lyric video right here;

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