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Space Lounge Bar Dream Shatters In Pieces

Space Lounge Bar has finally met its dooms day after the owners of the posh hangout decided to sell it off. It seems like the curse behind the closure of former Club Rouge along Jinja Road is still at large.

According to reports, Space Lounge bar has been closed for over two months ever since the two owners Dorothy and Herbert Shonga had a bitter fight last year. The drama between the two city socialites seems to have driven the bar into ruin which later caused its closure.

Unconfirmed reports also state that the owners of the bar have finally come to an understanding of selling off the bar and have agreed to share the profits once the deal is done.

Space Lounge commenced operations in September last year with some of the best facilities that excited revellers around Kampala.

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The bar launched in style with a V.I.P red carpet event with Kampala’s top DJs including NBS TV’s DJ Mercy and singers like Winnie Nwagi at the time.

Ever since Spear Abowe sold the establishment, it has changed hands three times and now the so called curse has struck again. There are also claims that the bar faced competition from the likes of Club Amnesia.

The new owner of the bar is yet to be revealed. Will Space Lounge be re-branded again to something else or will it face the same tragedy as the bars before it? Stay tuned for more updates.

Author: Allan Bangirana

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