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City Lawyer: I Want Ivan Ssemwanga’s Grave Re-opened

​Ivan Ssemwanga, the Rich Gang city socialite recently passed on but it seems like his body won’t be resting in peace as we all assumed.

According to recent reports, a city lawyer petitioned the high court to have Ssemwanga’s grave re-opened as there was a reason to believed legal tender was buried with him.

During Ivan’s burial at his ancestral home in Kayunga, his family, friends and other several members turned up to bid the tycoon farewell. But want shocked the crowd is when his fellow Rich Gang troupe decided to throw money in his grave instead of the occasional soil and flowers traditional way of doing things.

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City Lawyer: I Want Ivan Ssemwanga’s Grave Re-opened - Spur Magazine
Rich Gang members throwing money into Ivan’s grave during burial at Kayunga.

According to Tugume Godeon, who is from the Human Rights Defenders Association Uganda was not happy with the display of arrogance and has petitioned high court seeking a court order to open up the grave and remove the money that was buried with him.

Tugume claims that the money that was thrown into Ssemwanga’s grave is legal tender and should be put to its proposed use than being left in graves.

Ivan Ssemwanga passed away in a South African hospital on Thursday, May 25 where he had been admitted in a coma for several days after he suffered a stroke. He died aged 39.

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