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Donald Trump Insults a Union Leader On Twitter

Donald Trump went crazy again this time and insulted a union leader during his visit at the Carrier company which he had pledged to save.

Chuck Jones didn’t see the tweet but his friend of 36 years called him Wednesday night and said: The president-elect is smearing you on Twitter.

Jones, president of the United Steelworkers Local 1999, told The Post on Tuesday that he believed Trump had lied to the Carrier workers last week when he visited the Indianapolis plant.

“My first thought was, ‘Well, that’s not very nice,’ ” he told The Washington Post on Wednesday night. “Then, ‘Well, I might not sleep much tonight.’ “

Jones said Trump got that figure wrong and he wasn’t even sure about what he was talking about.

Trump had thanked United Technologies, Carrier’s parent company for cutting a deal with him to keep 1,100 jobs that were going to be moved to Mexico.

The surprise came when he attacked the Union leader on Twitter with his insults. Here are the screen shots;

I hope president elect-Trump doesn’t attack a single mom next because he seems to be losing his cool even more than he did at the elections.

Author: Allan Bangirana

Allan Bangirana is a freelance writer for Newslibre & Spur Magazine. He is passionate about tech, games and occasionally writes about entertainment, lifestyle and so much more.

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