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Former MTN Group Chairman Becomes South African President

Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as the new fifth president of South Africa after apartheid by their parliament on Thursday, 15th February, 2018 after the African National Congress (ANC) forced former president, Jacob Zuma to resign.

Jacob Zuma resigned on Wednesday night on live television with a sad moving speech about how he wanted to do the best for the people of South Africa and does not want anyone in the country or his part, ANC to lose their lives or be divided because of him.

Few people out of South Africa might know who Mr. Ramaphosa is. He was currently the leader of the ANC since December, 2017 after the party lost confidence in Zuma and banned him from standing in the upcoming 2019 presidential elections.

Cyril Ramaphosa who is 65 years old is one of the richest black business men in South Africa, was the deputy president and founded the big telecom, MTN. He fought against the apartheid regime in his younger days since the 1970’s just like Zuma and Mandela before later becoming a union leader and venturing into business.

Cyril has had a remarkable career with 6 PhDs and 2 law degrees under his belt. He was also the Executive Director for 3 big companies: Standard Bank in 2004, Alexander Forbes 2002 – 2014 and MTN Group 2001. He later became the Executive chairman of MTN Group in 2002. Ramaphosa also owns South Africa’s McDonalds franchise since 2011.

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Former president Jacob Zuma was plagued with several problems; from associating with the Indian wealthy family, the Guptas who had so many scandals to rape allegations, fraud, economic recession and corruption. Most of the people in South Africa and his own political party had lost faith in him and the government.

Zuma became President for two terms after Thambo Mbeki resigned and the youth democratic demonstrations played a big role to push the ANC party to resolve firing Jacob Zuma after he had survived several impeachments or risk losing their stance as South Africa’s most popular political party.

Numerous raids happened on the residences of the Gupta family during this week for their involvement in several fraud cases.

In his state of the nation address, Ramaphosa pledges to try and rectify some of these issues so as to improve the lives of the South African people and to regain their trust in politicians and government. His party expects him to implement the strategies they discussed inclusive redistribution of land without compensation which might have its own unpopularity.

He will lead until the elections in which he might stand and possibly might win with overwhelming support.

He faces a lot of big challenges as very many black south Africans are hustling and staying in informal settlements, corruption, the economy is in despair with a recession, Cape Town has a water crisis and drought and he is rich which makes some have doubts if he will help them but there is hope for now.

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