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Hellen Lukoma Releases New Song “Ndaga Muntu”

Hellen Lukoma, the singer from the former music group HB Toxic teamed up with Alvin Kizz to pen down and release a new crazy dancehall song called “Ndaga Muntu”

The song isn’t that great since it’s not bringing much of what we haven’t heard of already but it is canny and funny a little if you open your mind to the perversion within.


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“Ndaga Muntu” is a Luganda word to mean an ID and the song came at a better time when everywhere they’re asking for a national ID that a few people didn’t sign up for  thus the word is in fame for a while.

However the Ndaga Muntu being referred to here is totally different from the meaning it should have. You can download and listen to it yourself here and let us know what you think.

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