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Maurice Kirya & Amama Mbabazi Show Support for Unseen Exhibition

Maurice Kirya and Retired Hon. Amama Mbabazi attended the Unseen Me Exhibition on Sunday, 5 February, 2017 that was held by Streetlights Uganda on Saturday as an event to raise awareness for the great skills and entrepreneurial work done by street kids & the less fortunate.

The three day event which ends tomorrow has pulled the attention of not only Ugandans, but also those around the world and a huge attendance. So many talented youth showed off arts skills such as live painting, beat-boxing, modelling, pottery and contemporary dance.

Maurice Kirya, the talented “Mwoyo” music artist whose last hit “Nyongera” is still hitting music charts on radios around Uganda, didn’t miss out on the fun at Unseen Me Exhibition.

He made a lot of young people that he inspires happy. He interacted with some of the streetkids who showed off their beatboxing, dancing and singing skills.

Amama & Kirya Show Support for Unseen Exhibition - Spur Magazine

Amama Mbabazi made a surprise esteemed guest attendance to offer his support to the young organisation. He took a tour around the gallery, taking in the breathtaking art and portraits. He checked out the different items the youth had made for sale such as African wear, statues, jewellery, video, pottery as he went on to share some light moments with the streetlights team.

He was shown around by Streetlights’ own Chairperson, the beaming Ms. Victoria Merab and co-founder, Mr. Rodney Kiggundu.


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Amama Mbabazi enjoying himself at the event

Streetlights Uganda believes it could make a difference in the lives of the street kids by perfecting skills and talent they already have so as to get themselves off the street and make a living instead of promising them money. So far they are doing something right, this event and their upcoming event “Tuzanye”, will raise enough money for the NGO to set up a training center and help more kids.


People from different countries showed up to the event to offer their support

Amama & Kirya Show Support for Unseen Exhibition - Spur Magazine

There was no better way to show the once abandoned street kids and vulnerable youth that Uganda cares than when their own mentors and leaders turned up. You’ve not missed it yet, today is the last day so, drop by The Underground Contemporary Art Space at Oasis in the Nakumatt basement and chime in.

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