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Netflix Hits 100 Million Subscribers

Netflix, one of the biggest entertainment giants to ever walk this earth revealed to the world on Monday how it hit 104 million subscribers.

100 million! yes, you read that right. 104 million subscribers to be precise. This goes on to show how big Netflix has become in the entertainment era as a streaming service in these past few years.

Even though its an American founded company, it has earned a huge following internationally and worldwide since its growth has come mostly from the outside market.

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“We also crossed the symbolic milestones of 100m members and more international than domestic members. It was a good quarter,” Netflix said in its investor letter.

Despite having rivals like Amazon, Google and Facebook. Netflix has beaten all beliefs with its tremendous and continuous growth.

At the moment, only Amazon ranks with a highest number of people in terms of those it has convinced to pay for its service on a monthly basis. Will Netflix catch up to this? Only time will tell.

Author: Allan Bangirana

Allan Bangirana is a freelance writer for Newslibre & Spur Magazine. He is passionate about tech, games and occasionally writes about entertainment, lifestyle and so much more.

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