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Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Break Up Drama

In the early days of January, Nicki Minaj confirmed she and Meek Mill broke up after more than a year of dating and reports claim that the reason behind it was due to a bad fight.

On Monday, a TMZ report claimed that the 34-year-old pop star dumped the 29-year-old rapper after a big fight during her birthday bash in Turks & Caicos in December.

‘She went nuts on him because he was hanging out with friends and not paying attention to her,’ a source told the news outlet.

Meek Mill got his a** dumped after the birthday party because he wasn’t paying enough attention to Nicki’s big butt. The bae lashed out on Meek for the lack of attention and later he reportedly left the island without her and that’s when she ended the relationship.

Nicki Minaj confirmed her relationship had ended on Twitter

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Break Up Drama - Spur Magazine

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