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Sevo Advises Young Girls to Have Only Four Children

President Yoweri Museveni has advised young girls in the country to limit themselves by producing only four children who are easier to manage in the current economy.

You young girls, don’t produce more than four children, it will weaken your bodies and many children are not easy to manage and nurture,” Museveni said on Friday at a thanksgiving of Ms Adyeeri Muhanga, 83, the mother of the Burahya County MP, Margaret Muhanga at their home in Kanyandahi, few kilometers East of Fort Portal town.

Sevo said this while explaining that Adyeeri gave birth to 14 children as all people in their time used to produce many children as “Social Insurance” because the parents at that time were not sure whether all the children would survive as there were many diseases at that time like syphilis that would cause still births.

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Museveni said because of such diseases that would affect reproduction, the parents of that time were so disciplined not going with multiple partners to get infected.

“So you the youth, you should be as disciplined as your parents used to do to survive and help to nurture you and educate you,” Museveni said.

So, our beloved youth. Please keep those baby numbers to only four as Sevo has directed.

Source: New Vision


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