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The Kanyamunyu Hash Tag Is Hot & Crazy

Matthew Kanyamunyu has been all over the news for allegedly “shooting and killing” Akena, after he was remanded to Luzira he has started breaking Twitter trends with the hashtag #Kanyamunyu.

Tweeps took up the hashtag by storm, tweeting and tagging one another as they bash and diss the suspected killer plus the events surrounding his life and fate from being locked up to reportedly “losing” his very hot girlfriend Josephine.

Lets not forget, the details about the whole ordeal of what happened that day are all over the place with so many different accounts including some claiming that the dude killed Akena to impress his hot Kyana Josephine who was with him in the ride that day.

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Police was scared to arrest Kanyumunyu but after deep waters started boiling and with media craze, the ship capsized down on the poor guy.

The police as usual is very mum on such contradictory matters which makes the events of the day all the more strange and the story juicy.

Twitter folk never drop a dime in such cases with some tweets being outrageously funny, some on a rampage cause they are mad at what happened and of course there are those who will always stop at nothing to link this to government and blame them for what happened.

Such as DP and Norbert Mao who claim the bullet came from outside and there’s no way it would have made a u-turn from the car to hit Akena. Opposition and their conspiracy theories, we are sure this is not the last we are hearing of this stuff.


Keep your eyes peeled and revere in the tweets as they are only getting started and are as hot as chicken soup with many taking to the #kanyamunyu  challenge to post their own tweets.


Josephine Karungi took it to another level and mashed up Kanyamunyu indirectly when she retweeted the T.D Jakes tweet on her Twitter Page as though saying she’s glad she has left Matthew.

Follow the #Kanyamunyu madness by going here.

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