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Trump Approves Sh43.5 Billion Weapons Deal with Kenya

President Donald Trump has approved a Sh43.5 billion ($418 million) military deal with Kenya allowing the US State Department to sell it military aircraft.

The certification was delivered to Capitol Hill on January 19 notifying the US Congress to approve the sale of military equipment to Kenya.

According to a statement by the Defence Security Cooperation Agency, the Kenyan government, under the approved sale, will receive up to 12 Air Tractor AT- 802L and two AT-504 trainer aircraft’s. Included in the sale is a weapons package, technical support as well as programme management.

The deal was made as a contribution to the on going fight against Al-Shabaab in order to improve national security in Kenya and strengthen their forces against the war on terrorism.

AT-802 has an average of 1.7 maintenance man hours per flight

Air Tractor AT- 802L


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Kenya being a member of the African Union Mission in Somalia or Amisom with it supplying troops, the weapons deal is meant to supplement the aging F-5 aircraft. The prime contractor has been identified as L-3 Communications, Platform Integration Division, of Waco, Texas.

The sale however, hasn’t yet been concluded though the State Department has approved the deal.

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