UPDF Confirms Taking Gen. Kayihura to Kampala by Chopper Today | Spurzine

UPDF Confirms Taking Gen. Kayihura to Kampala by Chopper Today

The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MoDVA) has released a press statement through UPDF Spokesperson, Brigadier Richard Karemire throwing more light on the events that happened yesterday in Lyantonde and the military chopper that just landed at Kayihura’s home in Lyantonde.

The statement states that General Kale Kayihura is still serving as a UPDF officer and has been staying in Lyantonde since 15th March, 2018 when he handed over as IGP to Okoth Ochola.

It goes on further to state that he had been summoned by the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. David Muhoozi in Mbuya; but he was not there as he had travelled to Mbarara until today when a military chopper was sent again to his home today and brought him back to Kampala.

Copy of press statement explaining the General Kale Kayihura saga

UPDF Confirms Taking Gen. Kayihura to Kampala by Chopper Today | Spurzine

We do strongly believe that there is no smoke where there is no fire, as events unfolded yesterday night and the military refused to comment – there must be some truth that the military was looking for Gen. Kayihura but failed to find him.

Witness reports from the hotel confirmed this and later several key people in media verified from different sources that Gen. Kale Kayihura had been arrested and taken to Kololo only to wake up early in the morning to the government, military and Kayihura denying all this.

According to Nile Post, witness reports state that there is heavy deployment of security personnel at Kale’s farm house with most of them armed to the teeth. A UPDF Helicopter was also seen at the location but no one can reliably confirm who it delivered or picked up.

Some believe, this was meant to be a covert operation but was bursted by too much attention on social media so Gen. Kayihura had to be returned home and all allegations of what transpired in the night denied.

This hasn’t stopped Gen. Kale Kayihura’s summon though as expressed in the Press Statement.


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