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US Influenced Ghana Election

2016 has definitely been the year for the ballot, from Uganda to Chad, Gambia, USA and now Ghana. Probably we should add Brexit as another interesting factor.

The election they have concluded is historic as for the first time in Ghana, a woman organized a major election.

However, this African country has a lot in common with the United States and it’s not just about having the same number of years in a presidential term. B

But ever since 1992, Ghanaian politics has been majorly dominated by two major parties (just like the US) the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party.

This is where it all gets messed up as whenever the Democrats win in the US, the National Democratic Congress does the same in Ghana. And whenever the Republicans win in the US, the New Patriotic Party wins.

Time for the abracadabra part as this time the US Republicans won under Donald Trump as the New Patriotic Party did the same under Nana Akufo. Is it just me or do those flags appear to both be having the same colors and bearing the same animals (an elephant).

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