Gartenzwerg Has Designed a Smart Garden for Your House

Gartenzwerg Technologies is a small startup in London trying to put a smart garden in your house. They want you to be able to grow food and vegetables within your home and control the maintenance using your smartphone without having to worry about forgetting to water the plants and other essentials.

It is a very innovative and ingenious idea when you understand how it works. Initially they had me scratching my head at smart garden, wondering how the technology was going to embed with the soil and plants yet remain cheap and small enough in size to fit in a small apartment where we all know space is precious.

The Gartenzwerg team has managed to use wood, LED lights, multiple sensors and other technology to allow you to easily setup this garden yourself. They ship the components with a manual which you assemble, power up, setup the app and connect your garden to your phone.

The mobile app is able to measure and report on light intensity, temperature, humidity, pH, water level and track plant growth. The garden waters itself and adjusts the light and other sensors accordingly depending on the changes in the environment around it.

Gartenzwerg Has Designed a Smart Garden for Your House | Spurzine
The Gartenzwerg team has managed to use wood, LED lights, multiple sensors and other technology to allow you to easily setup the smart garden yourself.

You will plant seeds from seed pods which you will buy from Gartenzwerg that come engineered to grow much faster and are the plants won’t need pesticides. It has been estimated that no matter how much intensity the LED lights might have to use, they will not even use more than $1 of your electricity.

At first glance, you fall in love with the beautiful design of the box garden, it looks like something a designer spent months drawing up and piecing together just to ensure it was clean and perfect. It is meant to leave no mess such as dead plants or waste as well as to give a fresh vibe look to your house.

It even has a small compartment for hiding all your garden tools and stuff.

You don’t have to worry about travelling, the garden can look after itself for at least two weeks. Apparently, it can also adjust the conditions within the growing pods so as to enable you to grow plants during winter which means you will now be able to plant all year round.

Gartenzwerg Has Designed a Smart Garden for Your House | Spurzine

For now, it can only accommodate growth of certain herbs, fruits and vegetables such as Basil, Chili Pepper, Parsley, Strawberry, Thyme, Lettuce, Sage, Rosemary, Tomatoes, Coriander and others. Over time the founders’ vision is to enable everyone have their own urban garden and be able to grow their own food indoors.

This will come very much in handy since the rate of urban growth is increasing and with it the conditions and ability to grow or maintain a personal garden are dwindling. With the increased cost of urban living and junk food, Gartenzwerg might be that literal breath of fresh air.

Watching how Gartenzwerg’s Smart Garden works makes you contemplate on all the times you scoffed at the technology gardens in Hollywood Sci-Fi movies because it has now come to life. Never know, these might soon be shipped to the Moon, Mars and the International Space Station.

The team expects to start shipping sometime around the end of 2018 and they have an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $30,000.

Source: Indiegogo

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